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The impact of technology on employment

This blog post will be discussing the impact in which technology has on employment opportunities

This paper talks about the effects that technology could have on employment opportunities. The article summarizes the past two hundred years as a period where technology has increased standard of living all over the world.  Since the industrial revolution people in general work a decreased amount of hours and live longer lives. This might sound like a good thing but at the same time these technological advancements have caused many issues that have led to inequalities and wars.

As stated in the text “the pace of modern technological change is so rapid that many workers, unable to adjust, will simply become obsolete, like horses after the rise of the automobile”.

What this quote is explaining is that technology is advancing so quickly that workers won’t be able to adjust and will simply start to become obsolete.

The article also suggested that technological change could give rise to the loss of 5-10 million jobs each year. Although that number is worryingly high, it would be beneficial to know which regions of the world will be affected most.

On the contrary when technological advancements occurred in the field of chess games and the computer started winning over humans, instead of the world chess champions losing their jobs more and more of them got paid. These world chess players were now being payed anywhere between $100-$150 an hour just to teach children how to play chess.

The main point that this paper is trying to get across is that technological advancements have a way of transforming and modifying jobs opportunities in an unpredictable way.


Rogoff, K. (2012, October 2). The impact of technology on employment. Retrieved December 7, 2015, from


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