Post 5 Cyber bullying: How technology can be used to battle its effects


Cyber bullying: How technology can be used to battle its effects

Bullying has been an issue in children’s and adults lives for centuries. However until recently this bullying would generally occur at school in a face to face manor. When bullying was limited to occurring at school is was much easier to monitor. Any forms of aggression or violence that are observed by teachers can be stopped because they are seeing what happens first hand.

With the advancement of technology and the use of social media websites like Facebook, twitter and phone apps its becoming increasingly simple to carry out bullying online. Cyber bullying is much harder to monitor than “old school” bullying because it now happens after school hours, and most cases are not reported. New languages and new instruments for processing have emerged. The spreading of information shows that a considerable step has been made toward mobility and flexibility in transport and the circulation of goods, people and information (Torneo &Varis, p12., 2010) . This type of information spreading that Torneo and Varis talk about is why cyber bulling is so common and undetectable.

We have all read into how detrimental cyber bullying can be and sat through the presentations about how it works and how to spot it.

In contrast the main point of this article is too highlighting ways that communications technology can combat cyber bullying. What this article does is suggest ways that school administrations can attempt to monitor and prevent cyber-bullying. These suggestions are: “Develop clear rules and policies to prohibit the use of school technologies to bully others; Educate students and staff members about what types of behavior constitute cyber bullying and how the school district’s policies apply to them; Provide adequate supervision and monitoring of student use of technology; Establish systems for reporting cyber bullying or misuse of technology; And establish effective responses to reports of cyber bullying.” Bullying can never truly be prevented but this paper gives way to instruct youth on why it’s wrong to bully others and how to minimize its effects.



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Tornero, J.M.P. & Varis, T. (2010).  New Media Literacy & New Humanism. UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.






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